Dear Internet,
I'm in quite a dilemma. It seems that I've written a song (with the help of my beautiful book of blank sheet music :]) but unfortunately I don't have words for it. Now most song writers would normally write the words first, but this made up tune has been stuck in my head for ages. And as a result I've vomitted the tune out on sheet music, tweaked it, made it sound good, and now it needs words. And I must say, it is impossible to write words for a tune that has been already made. Because the words need to fit along with the song.

Note to self: NEVER put notes down on paper if you haven't written the lyrics yet.

Well, I had some serious topics I wanted to address but I suppose I'll stop here for tonight. I have a MUN Position paper to write, and an AP research paper to write. I need to get to those.


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