The Beginning of The End------x

Dear internet,
It seems I was a bit distracted yesterday and failed to blog. But, I'm here now, with the strong urge to blog, as if it's become some sort of addiction now. It'd be rather stupid to have to get help for this. Imagine group pep talks with others suffering from an addiction.

"Hi my name is Daniel and I suffer from a serious Heroine addiction :["
"Hey you guys, I'm Anna and I'm addicted to alcohol. =/"
"Uhm, Hi, I'm Ela and I'm gravely addicted to blogging >.>"
*People stare*

Anyway, spring break has ended, and the fourth and final quarter of the year has started, and after that, I'll officially be a Senior in high school. Sure, I could be excited, almost done with school and I'm out of here. But as soon as junior year ends, that's when things get serious, and the stress starts running our lives. No more bull shitting around, now blowing things off. I can no longer just go with the flow and cruise through life. No, those days will soon be over, and then I have to seriously start preparing hardcore for the future. Yea sure, I can still have fun and all, but it won't be the same, I won't be able to be the same chill laid back person who could care less about school. Besides I'm the type of person who breaks down and just can't bring myself to enjoy anything during times of stress. Sometimes, I wish that I could just live everyday doing whatever I wanted, and just.... chill. Wait I'm sorry did I say sometimes? I meant all the time. Damn, if only we had the money to pay for college easily, so that at least there would be one less thing I'd have to worry about. And I wouldn't have to work hard for scholarships. Those are hard to come by these days, seeing as  everyone is trying to get one. 

On a brighter note, it has come to my attention, that fat Mexican girls in really tight white shirts should not be allowed out in public. Today during 2nd period there was this little mini show for students who haven't gotten any steps, detentions, referrals, or anything that shows bad behavior. It was just a bunch of performances from the EHS Poms team, Chamber Choir, Jazz Band, Freestyle Dance club, and the absolute worse, Latino Dance club. Lemme tell you, that Latino dance club was pointless. Sure that dancing may be fun to dance, but to perform? There's nothing to see, they're just moving their hips and walking. Anyone with any rhythm could dance that. It was stupid, and the worse part, was this one really fat chick was a dancer, and her partner like the scrawniest little boy standing next to her. He really wasn't that tiny, she just made him look that way. And when he had to dip her I couldn't help but belt out laughing because that poor kid looked like he was going to topple over and break. He was definitely struggling whenever he had to dip her. I'm surprised she didn't fall.

Speaking of falling, I fell out of a tree during band practice. No we don't send practice messing around in trees, we were just waiting for the  sub drummer (Marshall) and Julie. To be honest I was really iffy about Marshall, he doesn't exactly know what he's doing, but he's coming along now. I feel like we'll do decent at BOTB. It kills me that our real drummer won't be there, because like I've said, when we're all together we make magic and I believe that we'd actually win, if only our drummer could make it. With Marshall, out of 9 bands we may come in 4th or 5th. Well, that's all that I cared about today.


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