A perfect harmony------x

Dear Internet,
Well to start off, I'm not one to express herself through blogging. I have other ways, like playing music, just pick a random chord and play music based off it on my piano. I never really remember whatever I do though. Fortunately I recently bought  a book of blank sheet music to start writing my notes down.

Speaking of music, we made magic today. By we I mean Equal Status, our band. Em(guitarist) came with chords for another original song she wrote. Julie (vocals) had already knew the lyrics to the song. Em started playing, Lawson (drummer) and I improvised along making shit up on the spot, Em and I started harmonizing with Julie vocally, and it all went so perfect. It may sound cheesy, but we all felt the music, how beautifully the song went sent chills down my spine and never have I gotten so into, nor have I had so much fun playing a song. Crazy thing is, we've never played the song together before, and it was the first time Lawson and I had heard/looked at it. It's as if we were all meant to play together, like we knew exactly what the other was thinking. It was electrifying. It's such a good song, I have a good feeling about it.

I'm pretty sure I'm rambling on about something people wouldn't care about, but I suppose that it matters to me so there we go. There so much more that I could talk about, and possibly more interesting to the general public, a lot happens when you have band practice from 10am to 5 pm. But that's what stuck in my head.


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