Dear Internet,
I haven't blogged. I know, my life has been really eventful, dramatic, stressful. But for some reason, nothing seemed worth blogging about. I'm sure I could have vented so much, and told very interesting stories, but the words "I need to blog about this." Never echoed in my head. So I didn't. ACT's are tomorrow, but that's not what I want to blog about.

Actually today while sitting in AP Lang. & Composition, I spaced off yet again. Just observing nature outside the window. There is this actually rather beautiful quaint forest type thing next to the school. In my opinion our school doesn't deserved to be graced by it. Anyway, this one tree caught my attention. It was kind of magical actually. The strangest thing. This tree, not a single leaf or branch moved on this tree. It's like it was frozen in time. This may seem  normal if it were a calm summer day, but it's spring, and there's a breeze. Proof of this breeze, well all the other trees and leaves surrounding this tree moved dramatically, but for some reason this tree mas motionless. Perfectly still. I can't understand it, it intrigued me. I watched it all period, and it didn't make the slightest movement. Maybe it snuck in a few shakes whenever I blinked, but I never witnessed if it did.

To my disappointment, I didn't have time to go check the tree out after school. But after this observation I immediately thought, "I need to blog about this." And so therefore here I am blogging about it.


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